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A side (or 1/2) of Scottish salmon simply cured one of two ways:

  • REGULAR CURE: the traditional – simply cured in salt and a touch of sugar, for a traditional Smoked Salmon that lets the natural flavours of the fish come through.
  • BEETROOT CURE: with a lovely red colour, the salmon is cured in beetroot, salt and muscovado sugar for something a little unusual.

After curing, the salmon is then air dried before being cold smoked for 4-6 hours for a medium smoke flavour. It is smoked with oak chips.

Select from unsliced (£40), or hand sliced (£46). We’re also offering half sides.

Delivery in Edinburgh and East Lothian is free. All other orders will be shipped at a cost of £13.50/side via Royal Mail Guaranteed Next day by 1pm, so your salmon will arrive fresh. For larger orders to the same address (3 + sides) please contact us for delivery prices.

To order by phone call 07775577573.

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