A Largely Vegan Wedding Menu

More and more we get asked to cater for vegetarian and vegan weddings as gradually people are starting to take a more active stance on minimising our impact on the planet. The impact we have is something that’s hugely important to us at Ror’s Kitchen, and we try minimise our effects as much as possible. You can read more about our ethics and what makes us an ethical caterer here.


  • Veggie Haggis Balls, mango chutney (vegan)
  • Cauliflower and courgette pakora, coconut raita (vegan)
  • Mini leek and gruyere tart garnished with whipped goats cheese and thyme
  • Summer veg rolls with peanut, mango and coriander, sesame soy dip (vegan)
  • Mushroom polenta with white truffle and wilted wild garlic (vegan)


Company bakery sourdough baguette and homemade hummus to share.

Pea and mint soup, fresh spring herbs, potato mousseline, sliced radish, walnut oil. Served plated, warm (not hot)


Served on sharing platters

As a meat eater, I was thinking about what you said about make your guests forget about the fact that they’re not having meat, and I thought what would I want that would make me feel this way, and what would substitute meat for me. We are focussing the main around a smoky and spicy harissa bean and chickpea stew, with fresh herbs and lots of flavour. This goes with a flavourful rice – cinnamon, preserved lemons and oranges, almonds. A cooling element of yoghurt, cucumber. Then an interesting side or two containing some fibrous veg – seasonal purple sprouting broccoli with tahini and sesame and finally a seasonal herbal salad with tomatoes, simply dressed.


Chocolate brownie with peanut cashew cream and grilled brown sugar pineapple

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