Rosbif Collective

A small introduction to Rosbif Collective.

Rosbif is… an ephemeral eatery in London (yes, that’s a Pop-up restaurant/supper club type thing).

rosbifRosbif was started by Ruaraidh and Sophie Caulfield as a bit of fun in January 2014. Since then, we’ve hosted a number of events in locations from empty Shopfronts to derelict houses, a photo studio and, excitingly, a brewery (yes, we have organised a piss-up in a brewery).

It’s a chance for us to explore our intrigues in food, and explore the London food scene. We frequently go on excursion to markets such as Smithfield and New Covent Garden, exploring new and some more unusual produce.

We’ve met a lot of friends through Rosbif, both old and new. For more info, check out

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