Ethical Catering

At Ror’s Kitchen we are proud to call ourselves an ethical caterer. What does that mean to us?


Our suoppliers are hugely important to us, and the way they opperate is important. We try to use small, local suppliers wherever possible, and we have a few core suppliers that are absolute champions in this field – East Coast Organics and Phantassie Organics are the absolute best, as they echo our ethics. We know them, and we often collect and pick our veg in person, un-packaged, unwashed, untouched by chemicals.

Food Miles

We try to reduce food miles as much as possible. Asparagus air-freighted from Peru is something we abhor. Our suppliers are all local. Not only does this reduce emissions from transport, but it puts money back into our local communities.


Seasonality goes hand in hand with food miles. Why should we expect to be able to eat Strawberries in December when they’re shipped in from thousands of miles away, and regardless don’t taste anything like a proper slow grown Scottish strawberry?


Is unfortunately something that’s pretty unusual in the events industry. Not only is that recycling of cardbaord, glass and food waste, but also recycling of perfectly good food. We encourage our staff (many of whom are starving students who we’re only too glad to feed) to bring a tupperware (or 10). This means that anything left over at the end of the night gets taken away with them. We compost all veg waste, recycle cardboard and paper.


At home we try to reduce the amount of meat we eat, as meat consumption has a huge impact on our planet. (I would like to say we cut down on all animal products, but cheese…. need I say more). We’re hugely conscious of our energy usage as well. Unfortunately our unit is not powered by renewable energy (one day we hope!) but we make sure that when we’re not using our equipment it’s turned off.

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