The Adamson, St Andrews

This review is more about one dish than a whole meal.

We recently went to try St Andrews” href=””>The Adamson, St Andrews for lunch. This was the thing I remembered.

Chicken Rilletes, with beetroot chutney.

Such a creative, seasonal and understated dish. Rilletes was not too dry or salty, as often can be the case – especially if using a lean meat like chicken. It was lightly spiced, and had some pumpkin (?) or sweet potato in it that added a suitable hint of sweetness, and a contemporary seasonal feel, being only a day or two away from Halloween. Capers offset the sweetness with a touch of zing as well.

The beetroot chutney complemented very nicely. Not overcooked – still a bit of texture, almost the hint of a crunch. Not overly sweet or acidic either. The main flavour was of the earthiness of the beetroot. It complimented the rillettes perfectly and the dish was completely balanced and delicate.

The rest of our meal was good – I then had fish and chips (with the best mushy peas – made with 50% butter?), Claire had steak sandwich. Rillettes won the day though!

A request to the Adamson: could you share the recipe!

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