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Wedding Catering

“We got married and…. it was the most amazing day. My gorgeous wife (Adelaide, world’s most talented florist) and I spent a long long time planning, months, for this one amazing day. The day came, and went, in what feels like a flash.

What I felt on the day more than anything was relief that I was in hugely capable hands, and my team anticipated my every question. I didn’t actually eat many canapés, but they were top notch. I definitely drank a little too much champagne! When we sat down, our food was absolutely delicious, the lamb was to die for, sticky toffee pudding – you can’t go wrong, spot on. When things were all done and I had a moment’s breather all I wanted to do was give the team a huge hug, and thank them for delivering my vision so fantastically. On your wedding day, I want to get that hug from you.”



Ror’s Kitchen cater for weddings throughout Scotland for up to 250 people.

(Hugs guaranteed)


So, yes we cater , but there are some things we don’t do. We don’t do Chicken balmoral. We don’t do frozen (unless it’s ice cream, duh). We do unusual. If you want normal catering, we’re probably not for you. Whether it’s a BBQ in a barn, an Argentinian themed ‘Assado’, a pig roasted on a spit over an open fire, or more traditional fare, we can help.

Send me an email now – and we can get the wedding  ball rolling. Ror@rorsktichen.co.uk


We don’t really do set menus or packages, everything is ‘bespoke’ (what a horrible word!). We do have some suggestions, which you can see below, which give guide-line prices, and are always a good place to start thinking about your wedding menu, and especially the price you’re aiming for.

And as mentioned above, if you need a phenomenal florist… check out Adelaide’s Secret Garden.


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